Just Infrastructure

A blueprint for clean water and climate action and the goal of groups across the country working to bring billions of federal water dollars to the ground in neighborhoods and the wild spaces that sustain us.

This website is a celebration of Just Infrastructure projects taking root as federal water dollars flow, and a storytelling resource for those pushing for equitable spending and future funding.

The Four Pillars

of Just Infrastructure:





Investing in healthy communities and nature

in water projects
$ 0 B

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act together include more than $60 billion for water projects, including:

This historic water spending has the potential to advance the human right to water while helping us weather heat, drought, fire and floods.

To meet this moment, we must: pair engineering and technology with nature-based projects, and prioritize areas that have historically been overlooked and underfunded.

From urban greening in New Orleans and Chicago to drought preparedness in the San Joaquin Valley and the Navajo Nation, federal funding and local organizing are laying the groundwork for a just and resilient water future.

Water investments at work

Infrastructure starts at the source: with headwaters forests, mountain meadows and wetlands that feed our rivers and reservoirs. It includes pipes, storm drains and gutters as well as green streets and gardens in our neighborhoods. 

By valuing both natural and built infrastructure, we can multi-solve water challenges:

Living with
Weather Whiplash

We can work with nature to slow and spread runoff to reduce the risk of flooding, drought and wildfires.

Flood Justice

We can keep people safe from rising seas and stronger storms by investing in green infrastructure alongside traditional flood controls.

Human Right to Water
and Sanitation

We can close water and sanitation access gaps in Tribal, rural and low-income communities.

Water Infrastructure Spending by the Numbers

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law:


for flood preparedness


for lead pipe replacement


PFAS and other emerging contaminants


for drought resilience

Inflation Reduction Act:


for water in the West


for coastal resilience


for water systems in disadvantaged communities


for emergency Tribal drought relief

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